About Teresa

teresa aboutTeresa has always loved home furniture and unique decor.  She has an uncle who lives in Maryland who has owned an Antique store since the 1960’s,  he may have had some influence on her love of home goods.

Before Teresa opened The Paisley Home, she spent many years going to home shows, selling her merchandise.  When a friend gave Teresa the opportunity to purchase her current location, she was excited to own a business in the community where she grew up.  Teresa says she likes owning a home decor store because, “I like the charm of it.”

Teresa is passionate about her store but she is also immensely supportive of her son Cevian. (His name is a combination of her Mom and Dad’s names, Charles and Vivian).  Cevian is active in a variety of sports but baseball is his favorite.  His #1 fan?  Mother Teresa…his Mom!